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Tragic Road Accident Claims Life of School Teacher in Kerala: Shocking CCTV Video Footage Goes Viral, Highlighting Urgent Need for Enhanced Road Safety Measures

September 10, 2023

In a tragic incident in Kerala, a school teacher lost her life in a road accident. The CCTV video footage of the incident has gone viral, shedding light on the unfortunate event. Stay tuned to unravel the details behind this heartbreaking incident.


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Tragic Road Accident in Kerala: What Were the Circumstances?

Tragic Road Accident in Kerala: What Were the Circumstances?

A tragic road accident in Kerala has claimed the life of a dedicated school teacher, T Ashraf. The incident occurred on August 25th when Ashraf was returning home from school on his motorcycle. A goods carrier collided with his motorcycle near Kunnummal Masjid in Velom, resulting in severe injuries. Despite being admitted to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, Ashraf unfortunately succumbed to his injuries and passed away on Friday.

The shock and devastation of this incident were captured in viral CCTV footage that has been widely shared. The video reveals the entire sequence of events leading up to the accident, highlighting the devastating impact it had.

Circumstances Leading to the Accident

  • T Ashraf was riding his motorcycle on August 25th when the accident occurred near Kunnummal Masjid in Velom.
  • A goods carrier collided with his motorcycle, causing severe injuries to Ashraf.
  • The collision took place while Ashraf was returning home from school.

Viral CCTV Footage Captures Entire Incident of Kerala Road Accident

The shocking incident of a road accident in Kerala was captured by a CCTV camera, leading to the footage going viral on social media platforms. The video provides a harrowing visual account of the tragic incident as it unfolded.

Details Revealed by Viral CCTV Footage

  • The CCTV footage captures the exact moment when a goods carrier collides with T Ashraf’s motorcycle near Kunnummal Masjid in Velom.
  • The video shows the severity of the impact and how it caused Ashraf’s motorcycle to crash.
  • Passersby can be seen rushing to Ashraf’s aid immediately after the accident.

T Ashraf Sustains Injuries in Motorcycle Accident: What Were They?

T Ashraf Sustains Injuries in Motorcycle Accident: What Were They?

T Ashraf, the dedicated school teacher involved in the tragic road accident, sustained severe injuries as a result of the collision with a goods carrier. The nature and extent of his injuries were significant, leading to his unfortunate demise despite medical intervention.

Injuries Sustained by T Ashraf

  • The exact details of T Ashraf’s injuries have not been disclosed.
  • However, it has been confirmed that his injuries were critical and life-threatening.
  • Despite receiving treatment at a local private hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, he was unable to recover from his injuries.

T Ashraf: School Teacher and Social Activist’s Background and Contributions

T Ashraf: School Teacher and Social Activist

T Ashraf was not just a school teacher but also a respected social activist in Kerala. He had made significant contributions both as an educator and in various initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of his community.

Background of T Ashraf

  • T Ashraf worked as an Arabic language instructor at Kodenchery LP School.
  • He was known for his dedication to teaching and was beloved among students.

Social Contributions of T Ashraf

  • Ashraf served as the coordinator for the Kuttiady branch of the Kerala Mappila Kala Vedi’s ‘Ishal Koottam’.
  • This role showcased his commitment to promoting cultural activities and social initiatives within his community.

Rising Number of Road Accidents and Fatalities Revealed by Government Study in Kerala

A government study titled ‘Road accidents in Kerala 2018-2022’ has unveiled alarming statistics regarding road accidents and fatalities in the state. The study highlights the urgent need for enhanced road safety measures to address these concerning trends.

Findings of the Government Study

  • In 2022, Kerala witnessed an average of around 12 fatalities daily due to road accidents.
  • Approximately five accidents occurred every hour throughout the year.
  • From 2018 to 2022, Kerala reported a total of 186,375 road accidents, resulting in 19,468 fatalities and injuries to 211,534 individuals.
  • One out of every ten road accidents proved fatal.
  • The most affected age group was individuals between 18 to 45 years, accounting for approximately 60.5% of all accidental deaths.

Kerala’s Road Accident Statistics Compared to Previous Years: What Do They Show?

Kerala’s road accident statistics have shown fluctuations over the years. Analyzing the data from previous years provides insights into trends and changes that have occurred.

Year-wise Comparison of Road Accidents and Fatalities


  • Total road accidents: 40,181
  • Total deaths: 4,303


  • Total road accidents: 41,111
  • Total deaths: 4,440

2020 (During COVID-19 lockdowns)

  • Total road accidents: 27,877
  • Total deaths: 2,979


  • Total road accidents: 33,296
  • Total deaths: 3,429

2022 (Current year)

  • Total road accidents: 43,910
  • Total deaths: 4,317

Experts’ Recommendations for Improving Road Safety in Kerala

The rising number of road accidents and fatalities in Kerala has highlighted the need for immediate action to improve road safety. Experts have put forth several recommendations to address the challenges and reduce the loss of lives on the roads.

Key Recommendations by Experts

  1. Increased enforcement of traffic regulations to deter reckless driving and violations.
  2. Promotion of road safety education and awareness campaigns targeting all age groups.
  3. Improvements in infrastructure, including better road design, signage, and lighting.
  4. Emphasis on strict adherence to speed limits and seatbelt usage.
  5. Promotion of safe driving practices through public service announcements and media campaigns.

T Ashraf’s Family Reacts to His Untimely Demise from the Accident

The untimely demise of T Ashraf in the tragic road accident has left his family devastated. The news of his passing has had a profound impact on his loved ones as they come to terms with this tragic loss.

Familial Impact of T Ashraf’s Demise

  • Ashraf is survived by his mother, Khadeeja, who mourns the loss of her beloved son.
  • His wife, Mumthas, and their two children, Aflah Shadil and Adil Mohammad, are also deeply affected by this tragedy.

Initiatives and Campaigns Launched to Improve Road Safety in Kerala

The rising number of road accidents in Kerala has prompted the launch of various initiatives and campaigns dedicated to improving road safety. These efforts aim to raise awareness about the importance of safe driving practices and enforce strict adherence to traffic regulations.

Examples of Initiatives and Campaigns

  • Increased enforcement of traffic rules through regular police checkpoints.
  • Road safety awareness campaigns targeting schools, colleges, and public spaces.
  • Promotion of responsible driving through social media campaigns and public service announcements.
  • Collaboration with local communities to create safer pedestrian zones and implement speed restrictions near educational institutions and residential areas.

Promoting Road Safety: Lessons Learned from Tragic Incident and Viral Video Footage

The tragic road accident in Kerala serves as a reminder of the importance of promoting road safety and adhering to traffic regulations. The viral video footage capturing the incident provides valuable lessons that can help prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

Lessons Learned for Promoting Road Safety

  • Strict enforcement of traffic rules can deter reckless driving behavior.
  • Raising awareness about the consequences of negligent driving can encourage responsible behavior on the roads.
  • Improvements in road infrastructure and design can minimize risks and enhance safety for all road users.
  • Educating individuals about the importance of following speed limits and using seatbelts can significantly reduce the severity of injuries in accidents.
  • Encouraging the active participation of communities and organizations in road safety initiatives can create a collective effort towards safer roads.


In a tragic road accident, a school teacher’s life was lost in Kerala. The CCTV video footage capturing the incident has gone viral, shedding light on the devastating consequences of reckless driving. This incident serves as a stark reminder for everyone to prioritize road safety and adhere to traffic regulations to prevent such heartbreaking incidents from occurring in the future.

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